Beauty Dossier: Wilson Brothers
Luke, Owen and Andrew were born in Dallas in an ordinary, but in their own way, creative family. The parents of the boys were close to art: their mother was…

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Strong gender: sex symbols of Hollywood
When we watch a movie, we are primarily interested in the plot and talent of the actors. But let's be honest with ourselves: the attractive appearance of male characters is…

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Alone in the field ... actor!
A one-man show is a complex, rare genre and, some even say, are dying. Contrary to this sad opinion, Solo festival of solo performances is taking place in Moscow this…

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Women Gerard Depardieu

The most charming hero of French cinema, a charming lover of wine, gastronomy and just a good life, Gerard Depardieu celebrates his birthday tomorrow. No one will call his beauty classical, but it is simply impossible to refuse his charm. Somewhere in jest, and somewhere seriously, Depardieu said in an interview that he has 20 children from 10 different women.

Maybe it’s true, or maybe he was pushing his own price – although he doesn’t need to do this. He tries to live his life to the fullest and not miss a second, not a single moment.

Catherine Deneuve, Isabelle Adjani, Andy MacDowell, Sophie Marceau, Ornela Muti, Sandrine Bonner, Jeanne Moreau and writer Marguerite Duras – the women with whom he appeared on the TV screen and who, by his own admission, taught him a lot. “A woman was born to be a mother. She has a completely different life, and she has something to learn,” – says the actor. And he studies … Continue reading

Children-Phenomena: Young Talents and Their Ways

History knows many examples when, after a loud fame in childhood, an artist, without passing the test of fame or money, practically disappears from the radar of the public with age. And vice versa: an early start and a successful career in the future. There is no regularity as such.

The first concert of Jackson 5 was held on August 11, 1969, in one of the clubs in California under the patronage of Diana Ross. The most notable member of the team was the younger brother, who impressed the audience with his expressive vocals. Of course, we are talking about Michael, whose star was lit when the singer was about 11 years old, and shone brightly until his tragic departure from life. However, today I propose not to stir up precisely his alarming past, but to recall other children whose spontaneity touched us, and their talent, which differs from their peers, surprised and delighted.

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The legendary actors of world cinema

Holidays are getting closer, corporate events are already starting in many companies, and the internal clock has launched a countdown. We’ll be compassionate yet?

Today is the birthday of the famous Indian theater and film actor Raj Kapoor. Surely grateful spectators will also present him some prize this year: proclaimed by the Indian Charlie Chaplin, he collected all the prizes he could during his lifetime, but he is still awarded posthumously.

Let’s remember today the legendary actors of the twentieth century, who are remembered and honored to this day.

Raj Kapoor (India)
It is logical to start with a birthday. Kapoor did not become a star because there was no one else. He really knew how to subtly convey emotions without sometimes uttering a word: the movement of an eyebrow, an expressive look, a “talking” smile. And best of all, the Kapoor actor was able to reveal the Kapoor director – the film “Tramp” in the year of its release was a hit in world cinema. Continue reading

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The modest stars of Soviet cinema: Alisa Freindlikh and Evgeny Steblov
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Women Gerard Depardieu
The most charming hero of French cinema, a charming lover of wine, gastronomy and just a good life, Gerard Depardieu celebrates his birthday tomorrow. No one will call his beauty…


Stars and charity
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Twin actors
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