Films of the Marriage of Figaro
What do you do when you have spleen, a bad mood or life just seems gray and monotonous? And if the window is a gloomy sky, overcast, snowstorm or tiresome…

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Superheroes or ordinary people? The most "male" actors
Today is the birthday of Iron Arnie - a famous actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Five years ago, the Austrian village where he was born declared July 30…

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Innocent Smoktunovsky. Favorite
He was missing, knew everything about hunger, wandered around summer Moscow in a ski suit, a planet was named after him, and he kept his whole life on one straw,…

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American skater Peter Chernyshov

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Women Gerard Depardieu

The most charming hero of French cinema, a charming lover of wine, gastronomy and just a good life, Gerard Depardieu celebrates his birthday tomorrow. No one will call his beauty classical, but it is simply impossible to refuse his charm. Somewhere in jest, and somewhere seriously, Depardieu said in an interview that he has 20 children from 10 different women.

Maybe it’s true, or maybe he was pushing his own price – although he doesn’t need to do this. He tries to live his life to the fullest and not miss a second, not a single moment.

Catherine Deneuve, Isabelle Adjani, Andy MacDowell, Sophie Marceau, Ornela Muti, Sandrine Bonner, Jeanne Moreau and writer Marguerite Duras – the women with whom he appeared on the TV screen and who, by his own admission, taught him a lot. “A woman was born to be a mother. She has a completely different life, and she has something to learn,” – says the actor. And he studies … Continue reading

The modest stars of Soviet cinema: Alisa Freindlikh and Evgeny Steblov

Beloved by many, an actress with an outlandish German surname is a real Petersburger. She was born in the center of the northern capital, in a house overlooking St. Isaac’s Cathedral, near the monument to the Bronze Horseman. “The charm of my city from childhood entered the soul and bewitched for the rest of my life …”

Intelligent acting fate linked Alice Freindlich primarily with the theatrical stage. She played in the Komissarzhevskaya Theater and the Lensovet Theater. She has gone from the role of travesty to serious dramatic roles. In her repertoire, and the role of the Kid in the children’s play “Toddler and Carlson”, and – the dream of any actress – the young Juliet, whom Freindlich played at the age of 30.

To reach dramatic roles, she had to defeat her image and institutional characterization. The fact is that after graduating from the Ostrovsky Theater Institute in a diploma they wrote about her: “can play striking roles, children and old women.” Continue reading

Celebrities try new professions

Having become popular on the screen, stars often do not stop there, but try themselves in a new quality: they move to the director’s chair, create production companies, and work on scripts. But some are fond of something completely different from the movie. For example, today’s birthday girl Brigitte Bardot.

Let’s remember which of the famous actors turned his hobby almost into a profession.

Brigitte Bardot – actress and animal protector
In 1986, one of the most famous French actresses opened her foundation for the well-being and protection of animals, auctioning her own jewelry. And since then, she tirelessly fights for the rights of animals in different countries of the world – she condemns the hunt for seals in Canada, accuses China of exterminating tigers, donates money for stray dogs in Romania, etc. In 2008, Brigitte even managed to get a lawsuit for “inciting racial and religious hostility” and a fine of 15,000 euros. She wrote a letter to Nicolas Sarkozy (when he was still the Minister of the Interior), in which she vehemently resented the fact that on Muslim holidays it was customary to cut the throat of sheep without stunning, that is, while they are conscious. At the same time, she objected to the fact that the Muslim community in France is growing too fast and spreading its values ​​and lifestyle. Continue reading

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