Where actors are taught: Schukin School
Today Shchukin School celebrates its 101st birthday. This is a theater institute with its own special traditions. Only one out of a hundred applicants manage to get the coveted student…

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The legendary actors of world cinema
Holidays are getting closer, corporate events are already starting in many companies, and the internal clock has launched a countdown. We’ll be compassionate yet? Today is the birthday of the…

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Films: The youngest nominees and winners of the Oscars
Usually children cannot seriously compete with adults: forces are obviously unequal. But there are exceptions to any rule. For example, these kids who competed with famous adult actors for the…

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Innocent Smoktunovsky. Favorite

He was missing, knew everything about hunger, wandered around summer Moscow in a ski suit, a planet was named after him, and he kept his whole life on one straw, which gave him love and faith in goodness … Today he could have turned 86 years old.

How do we remember Smoktunovsky? Probably, each has its own image, consisting of many different theater and film roles. For most, of course, all the same from the movie roles.

The roles of nervous, complex people, often close to madness, brilliantly played by Innokenty Mikhailovich so tightly intertwined with our perception of this personality that they almost hid it.

Innokenty Smoktunovsky as Hamlet
Meanwhile, the boy Kesha, who was born in the godforsaken village of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and eventually became the national artist Smoktunovsky, naturally had a very persistent character. Continue reading

Very special effects

The jokes that soon computer technology will reach such a level that there will be no need for real actors are still jokes … However, they say, they are less and less laughed by the actors themselves.

But we believe that it is too early for them to worry. Many eminent directors do not trust completely modern technologies and prefer to rely on human genius and skill. It’s hard to believe, but some of the famous movie scenes that, it would seem, impossible to translate into real life, were shot exactly the old fashioned way: with stuntmen, special decorations, props, mock-ups and models.

“The Dark Knight”
The spectacular turning over of the truck actually happened, and even twice.

At first, the crew “trained on cats”, blocking one of the streets of Chicago and attaching a special firecracker to the bottom of the truck, which threw up the back of the car. Continue reading

Children-Phenomena: Young Talents and Their Ways

History knows many examples when, after a loud fame in childhood, an artist, without passing the test of fame or money, practically disappears from the radar of the public with age. And vice versa: an early start and a successful career in the future. There is no regularity as such.

The first concert of Jackson 5 was held on August 11, 1969, in one of the clubs in California under the patronage of Diana Ross. The most notable member of the team was the younger brother, who impressed the audience with his expressive vocals. Of course, we are talking about Michael, whose star was lit when the singer was about 11 years old, and shone brightly until his tragic departure from life. However, today I propose not to stir up precisely his alarming past, but to recall other children whose spontaneity touched us, and their talent, which differs from their peers, surprised and delighted.

Macaulay Culkin Continue reading

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