The legendary actors of world cinema

Beauty Dossier: Wilson Brothers
Luke, Owen and Andrew were born in Dallas in an ordinary, but in their own way, creative family. The parents of the boys were close to art: their mother was…

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The cast, or the role claimed ...
The selection of actors for the film is an important preparatory stage of film production. Sometimes it drags on for a long time. Thousands of actors go through auditions and…

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From musicians to actors
Bad is the musician who does not dream of becoming ... an actor! For better or worse, many successful artists sooner or later try themselves on the movie screen. For…

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Very special effects

The jokes that soon computer technology will reach such a level that there will be no need for real actors are still jokes … However, they say, they are less and less laughed by the actors themselves.

But we believe that it is too early for them to worry. Many eminent directors do not trust completely modern technologies and prefer to rely on human genius and skill. It’s hard to believe, but some of the famous movie scenes that, it would seem, impossible to translate into real life, were shot exactly the old fashioned way: with stuntmen, special decorations, props, mock-ups and models.

“The Dark Knight”
The spectacular turning over of the truck actually happened, and even twice.

At first, the crew “trained on cats”, blocking one of the streets of Chicago and attaching a special firecracker to the bottom of the truck, which threw up the back of the car. Continue reading

Children-Phenomena: Young Talents and Their Ways

History knows many examples when, after a loud fame in childhood, an artist, without passing the test of fame or money, practically disappears from the radar of the public with age. And vice versa: an early start and a successful career in the future. There is no regularity as such.

The first concert of Jackson 5 was held on August 11, 1969, in one of the clubs in California under the patronage of Diana Ross. The most notable member of the team was the younger brother, who impressed the audience with his expressive vocals. Of course, we are talking about Michael, whose star was lit when the singer was about 11 years old, and shone brightly until his tragic departure from life. However, today I propose not to stir up precisely his alarming past, but to recall other children whose spontaneity touched us, and their talent, which differs from their peers, surprised and delighted.

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The modest stars of Soviet cinema: Alisa Freindlikh and Evgeny Steblov

Beloved by many, an actress with an outlandish German surname is a real Petersburger. She was born in the center of the northern capital, in a house overlooking St. Isaac’s Cathedral, near the monument to the Bronze Horseman. “The charm of my city from childhood entered the soul and bewitched for the rest of my life …”

Intelligent acting fate linked Alice Freindlich primarily with the theatrical stage. She played in the Komissarzhevskaya Theater and the Lensovet Theater. She has gone from the role of travesty to serious dramatic roles. In her repertoire, and the role of the Kid in the children’s play “Toddler and Carlson”, and – the dream of any actress – the young Juliet, whom Freindlich played at the age of 30.

To reach dramatic roles, she had to defeat her image and institutional characterization. The fact is that after graduating from the Ostrovsky Theater Institute in a diploma they wrote about her: “can play striking roles, children and old women.” Continue reading

Celebrities: couples of different ages

Still, age is an interesting thing. Everything can be attributed to it – from mood to weather. It is especially interesting to observe the relationships between people in married couples. In my family, as it turned out, many relatives had it in the order of things.

When romance occurs in star pairs, where between partners a significant difference in age makes the paparazzi follow on the heels of love. Sometimes it ends with a scandal, and sometimes it is an extra reason to say: “The wisdom that comes only with age is what supports their relationship.”

Well, I suggest you try today to evaluate how this expression itself applies to the following pairs …

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis: 9 years difference
Once the whole show business was buzzing with the tricks of handsome Johnny about his longing for Kate Moss and Winona Ryder. Does anyone remember those times? Now these names no longer sound together. Depp’s only Lady of the Heart is his young partner, Vanessa Paradis, with whom, despite his two children, he has not yet been married by law. Continue reading

Celebrities try new professions

Having become popular on the screen, stars often do not stop there, but try themselves in a new quality: they move to the director’s chair, create production companies, and work on scripts. But some are fond of something completely different from the movie. For example, today’s birthday girl Brigitte Bardot.

Let’s remember which of the famous actors turned his hobby almost into a profession.

Brigitte Bardot – actress and animal protector
In 1986, one of the most famous French actresses opened her foundation for the well-being and protection of animals, auctioning her own jewelry. And since then, she tirelessly fights for the rights of animals in different countries of the world – she condemns the hunt for seals in Canada, accuses China of exterminating tigers, donates money for stray dogs in Romania, etc. In 2008, Brigitte even managed to get a lawsuit for “inciting racial and religious hostility” and a fine of 15,000 euros. She wrote a letter to Nicolas Sarkozy (when he was still the Minister of the Interior), in which she vehemently resented the fact that on Muslim holidays it was customary to cut the throat of sheep without stunning, that is, while they are conscious. At the same time, she objected to the fact that the Muslim community in France is growing too fast and spreading its values ​​and lifestyle. Continue reading

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