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Famous films by Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones

Tomorrow is our double birthday, but not simple, but married! One day (well, with a difference of a certain number of years) a man and a woman were born, nowadays one of the most interesting Hollywood couples: actress Catherine Zeta-Jones and actor and film producer Michael Douglas.

Michael Douglas – Turns 68
Fatal Attraction (1987)
It was worth the wife of a successful lawyer Dan to leave with his daughter for the weekend, like that … No, I didn’t get drunk with the men. I got carried away by my new colleague – Alexandra – and spent my “vacation” with passion. But he thought he had walked, and you can safely return to your family, but it wasn’t there.

At first, Alex tried to cut her veins when Dan was going home. Then she began to pursue him, appearing in unexpected places, calling him home, claiming that she was pregnant, trying to make acquaintance with his wife. It soon becomes clear: this is not just an insulted lover, this is a real maniac who can be really dangerous. How can Dan protect himself and his family from this unbalanced woman?

Game (1997)
Very complex and incredibly exciting psychological thriller. Businessman Nicholas van Orton – as successful as tired of everything – his younger brother Conrad (Sean Penn) makes an unusual gift. The business card of a company that specializes in games. More precisely, the Games. What kind of Games these are, no one explains: neither the brother, nor the company employees, nor Nicholas’s acquaintances who used her services.

In the course of the development of events, it begins to seem that the Game is a personal and very tough psychological training that is needed for those who have lost their taste and interest in life. However, the further the story goes, the less the viewer, and even more so Nicholas himself, ceases to understand – Is this a game or a sophisticated crime?

Do not say a word (2001)
A gang of criminals stole a diamond worth $ 10 million. One of them seized the booty and tried to hide. “Colleagues” found a defector and killed him, after which they were immediately arrested.

Ten years later, they are released from prison and first abducted the girl of one prominent psychiatrist, and then the daughter of another – it was Michael Douglas who played him. What they need is for the doctors to extract from the memory of the daughter of that same traitor the code that is needed to find the diamond.

Catherine Zeta-Jones – turns 43 years old
The Mask of Zorro (1998)
Zorro is such a Spanish-Mexican Robin Hood who fights the bad rich for the good poor. Only Robin did this on his behalf and name, and Zorro hides his identity under a mask.

The film takes place in Mexico. Zorro is released from prison, where he spent 20 years through the efforts of his main enemy. Of course, the years and forces are not the same, but he finds a guy who is preparing for the role of Zorro No. 2. This is the brother of Joaquin Murieta (who, in fact, served as the prototype of the fictional character Zorro) – hot Alejandro performed by Antonio Banderas. Well, next to the spectacular hero there should be a spectacular heroine, whose role was chosen by a native of Wales, the beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones.

America’s favorites (2001)
Gwen and Eddie – the sweetest couple in Hollywood, all of America followed the story of their love with bated breath. Suddenly – they get divorced. Because of the mean and vulgar treason Gwen.

In fact, Gwen is not at all the “darling” that he is trying to portray himself in public. She is a spoiled, starry egoist, interested only in her own person. She does not put in anything the feelings of her ex-husband, nor the efforts and efforts of her sister Kiki (Julia Roberts), who became the main assistant and assistant to Gwen.

But personal life is personal life, and business is business. The promotion of the last joint film featuring Eddie and Gwen requires the spouses to portray a reunion. The producers hope that such a move will divert the attention of the press, and she will not pay attention to the picture itself.

Despite the fact that after the divorce, Eddie fell into a deep depression and is forced to undergo treatment in a psychiatric clinic, he agrees. Although he is still obsessed with Gwen, Eddie is pleased to meet Kiki, with whom they have always been good friends. More precisely, it was Eddie who was friends with Kiki, and the girl has long been in love with him.

And since America’s favorites is not a complicated drama, but a light romantic comedy, the turn of events will not disappoint all lovers of touching stories.

Taste of Life (2007)
Zeta Jones, the heroine named Kate, works as a chef in a cool restaurant. After the death of her sister, she takes on the upbringing of her niece. Along with the tragic events in life and at work, difficult changes are taking place. Kate’s management hires her assistant – an energetic Nick, but Kate is more of a problem than help. Nick has his own opinion on any matter, and he does not hesitate to dispute the boss’s orders. Kate is already starting to think that Nick is simply trying to take her place.

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