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Very special effects

The jokes that soon computer technology will reach such a level that there will be no need for real actors are still jokes … However, they say, they are less and less laughed by the actors themselves.

But we believe that it is too early for them to worry. Many eminent directors do not trust completely modern technologies and prefer to rely on human genius and skill. It’s hard to believe, but some of the famous movie scenes that, it would seem, impossible to translate into real life, were shot exactly the old fashioned way: with stuntmen, special decorations, props, mock-ups and models.

“The Dark Knight”
The spectacular turning over of the truck actually happened, and even twice.

At first, the crew “trained on cats”, blocking one of the streets of Chicago and attaching a special firecracker to the bottom of the truck, which threw up the back of the car.

The reception worked, and it was in this form that the scene was repeated for the film. By the way, the car was NOT controlled remotely – the stuntman was driving. It turned out like this:

“Independence Day”
According to the idea of ​​the director Roland Emmerich, the fire that engulfed the city after the attack of hostile aliens was to go through the city throughout the city, and nothing else. None of the arguments that the fire tends to spread primarily upward, and not horizontally, did not act on it.

Specialists in special effects and pyrotechnics found a way out: they built a model of the city on a large platform, placed it vertically and set it on fire (with fingers crossed, because no one wanted to build the same model a second time). It looked like this:

“Lord of the Rings”
In general, we guessed that the actors playing the hobbits were, in fact, of normal growth. For scenes when Frodo, Sam and their friends found themselves next to the frame with other characters, Peter Jackson had to go to various tricks. Actors were installed in front of the camera at different distances or the role performer was replaced by an understudy child.

But the most difficult and at the same time interesting was the use of the so-called forcibly distorted perspective. In the frame, we see that Frodo and Gandalf are sitting next to each other:

But in fact, the trolley is a pretty tricky design:

And everything would be fearless until the camera changes the camera angle. But what if the space changes? To take pictures of how Frodo and Gandalf drink tea, they were seated at separate tables of different sizes, which were installed on a platform that rotated with the camera, but in the opposite direction. In addition, the tables themselves and the bench on which Ian McKelen, the performer of the role of Gandalf, were moving:

Terminator II: Doomsday
Although this scene was not included in the rental version of the film, it would be unfair to ignore it.

In order to remove the repair of the Terminator, Schwarzenegger did not open the skull, do not worry. What looks like a reflection in the mirror for us is actually a slot in the wall, behind which the cyborg dummy sits. And the second is Sarah Connor … this is Leslie Hamilton, the twin sister of Linda Hamilton, who plays this role.

“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”
As we recall, the hero of Jim Carrey decided to erase all the memories of the girl whom he had parted with shortly before. In the scenes of the procedure, when one memory is quickly replaced by another, we see how in the frame it disappears, then the same character reappears – in different costumes, with different hairstyles.

Montage or computer gravel, you say? Not at all. All this happened in real time – without interrupting the shooting, the director Michel Gondry drove the actors to change clothes, and a crowd of stylists and make-up artists rushed after them to have time to prepare for a new image. And for changing the size of the character, for example, in a scene with a table, multi-level decorations were built:
In fact, this table is from one angle much higher than from the other.

So during the filming of a movie, everything can be even more interesting than later on the screen.

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