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Alfred Joseph Hitchcock

Exactly 31 years ago he was gone. A classic of the genre is a psychological thriller, he was madly in love with traveling, going to wrestling and symphony concerts in Albert Hall. He collected the first editions and original works of art and believed that in the world there is nothing worse than a closed door …

Name – Alfred Joseph Hitchcock
Date of birth – August 13, 1899
Place of birth – London, UK
Profession – filmmaker, producer, screenwriter
Family – wife: Alma Reville; daughter: Patricia
Hair color – dark blond
Eye color – brown
Height – 170 cm

Alfred Joseph Hitchcock.

His romance with the cinema began with the design of credits for the Famous Players-Lasky film studio – where the future director got a job in 1920 after he studied for an engineer.

Being an impressionable boy, Alfred’s mind could not help but imprint the long idleness at his mother’s bed, which forced him to spend hours telling everything that happened to him during the day, and the moralizing of his father, who once sent his son to the police station with a letter to the constable, after of which the law enforcement officer locked the boy in a cell and did moralizing for 15 minutes (in the letter, the father outlined all the son’s bad actions, in his opinion; by the way, after that Alfred was panicky afraid of the police all his life). And also the fact that Hitchcock’s favorite book – which he re-read many times – was Oscar Wilde’s novel “Portrait of Dorian Gray.” All this created excellent soil and a lot of plots for future films of the future genius director.

His first film, The Garden of Pleasure, was released in 1925, but the director considers his tenant direct debut Resident (1927) – his third project.
The most important assistant and, more importantly – the most severe critic – was the wife of Alfred, editor Alma Reville. They married in 1926 and lived together until the death of the director. Alma gave Hitchcock his only child – daughter Patricia, who later became an actress.

Many years later, accepting the American Film Institute award for his contribution to cinema in 1979, Hitchcock will say: “I ask permission to name the names of only four people who gave me the most strength, courage, influence and help in my work. First, this the editor, and secondly, the screenwriter, thirdly, the mother of my daughter Patricia, and, finally, the cook who could prepare wonderful dishes in the home kitchen. And their names are Alma Reville. ”

Hitchcock was a cameo fan. He starred in almost every film, and for the most part, all the episodes with him were at the beginning of the picture. The master explained this by saying “so that nothing further distracts the viewer from the plot.”

Raised in a silent movie, Alfred put the image at the forefront. Next up are the sound effects. The last place for him was the dialogue of heroes. But what the director paid special attention to was the script. He was distinguished by the fact that the lion’s share of the time allotted for preliminary preparation was spent on working out the script. “To make a great film,” said the director, “I need three things: a screenplay, a screenplay, and a screenplay.”

He rarely made changes to the original script, and if one of the producers asked to include something “unplanned” in the episode, he got out of the situation, saying that the episode was already shot and shot in a single copy.

He did not like when the actors “intervened” in the fate of the character, trying to decompose the character into its constituent parts. Hitchcock believed that it was the task of the director and screenwriter to explain / transmit / form the character in detail. The actor, according to the master, is a performer and nothing more.

Hitchcock’s favorite film was the film Fritz Lang Der Mode Tod, and from his paintings, the most favorite was the Shadow of Doubt (1943).

One of his most famous works – Psychosis (1960) – the master perceives as a real comedy.

Hitchcock’s talent could not fail to attract the interest of the same odious personalities. Therefore, in the film Bewitched (1945), a duet of the great director and great artist-provocateur Salvador Dali took place – on his conscience an episode of sleep. Unfortunately, censorship considered this piece too scary, as a result, only a few seconds of the joint work of two geniuses remained in the picture, while initially several minutes were allotted for the episode.

Alfred often played his colleagues in the shop. But he did it in his own way – in Hitchcock style. If he found out that someone from the group was afraid of spiders or mice, he would certainly send him a parcel filled to the brim with this living creature.

The director had a habit of coming to the set in a suit and tie and drinking tea … and then throwing a cup and saucer over his shoulder, not caring about who this “shell” might fall into.

He categorically did not like to shoot in kind – nature all the time strove to get out of his control. Therefore, most of his films were shot in the pavilion.

Many Hitchcock paintings were nominated for an Oscar. Some of the actors who starred with him received the treasured statuette, but the director himself …

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