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Today we celebrate a double birthday: on this day, with a difference of 13 minutes, actors James and Oliver Phelps were born. How is it - you don’t know who…

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Young actors on the stage

Do you know what day will be celebrated tomorrow? World Theater Day. For more than half a century, it has been celebrated under the motto “Theater as a means of understanding and strengthening peace between peoples.” And for me, theater is also a litmus test for actors. To play on stage, in my opinion, is much more difficult than acting in films. And it is in the theater that you can understand what the actor is capable of. Let’s see in which performances you can see young Russian film actors.

MDT – Theater of Europe: Danila Kozlovsky and Elizabeth Boyarskaya
It is probably difficult in our country to find another young actor so affectionate with directors, critics and viewers as Danila Kozlovsky. At the age of 20, he received his first award from film critics – the White Elephant Award for Best Actor in the film Garpastum. In addition, various awards marked his roles in the films “We are from the Future” and “Duhless”, and for the role of Kharlamov in “Legend No. 17” he was nominated for the Golden Eagle award. I would like to add that Kozlovsky was the first Russian actor to star in an advertisement for Chanel along with Keira Knightley.

His theatrical work in the St. Petersburg MDT also did not go unnoticed by critics. At the age of twenty, he received the Golden Spotlight Award for his role as Edgar in King Lear. Last year, the actor replenished his piggy bank with the Oleg Yankovsky Prize for his role in the play “The Cherry Orchard” and the Figaro Theater Award in the category “Best of the Best”.

At one time, the head of his course Lev Dodin brought the talented student to the MDT. Since then, Danila Kozlovsky has been devoted to the theater and does not consider it possible to transfer to another venue.

Today, in addition to King Lear, Kozlovsky plays a major role in the play Lord of the Flies. The production is based on the novel of the same name by William Golding about boys who, once on a desert island, gradually turn into killers. In addition, together with Elizabeth Boyarsky, he plays in the play based on Grossman’s novel Life and Fate.

Boyarskaya studied on the same course with Kozlovsky, and in MDT she was also brought by the head Lev Dodin. In 2006, she also received the Golden Spotlight Award for her role as Gonerilla in King Lear. In addition to these performances, Boyarskaya today plays in Three Sisters and The Fruitless Efforts of Love.

Moscow Art Theater Chekhov: Maxim Matveev
Actually, due to the theatrical work, Maxim Matveev and Elizaveta Boyarskaya have to live in two cities. She plays in St. Petersburg, he – in Moscow. After graduating from the Moscow Art Theater School, Matveev was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow Art Theater named after Chekhov, where he still works. Like Kozlovsky, he played Edgar in the Lyre King. In addition, in his list of roles: Valer in Tartuffe, Dulchin in The Last Victim, and Lieutenant White Guard in Forty-First. Now Matveev can be seen in the conflicting performances of Konstantin Bogomolov “Karamazov” and “Ideal husband. Comedy.” In addition, he plays a major role in the play based on Tolstoy’s story “The Devil” (staged by Oleg Tabakov).

To look at the charming Matveyev in the theater, in my opinion, is especially interesting because recently in the cinema he often gets the same type of Romkomov characters.

Vakhtangov Theater: Leonid Bichevin
Leonid Bichevin is not often acted in films, but his roles are usually difficult and interesting. He starred with Balabanov in “Cargo 200”, then he also played the disappointed morphine doctor in the film “Morphine” according to Bulgakov. Balabanov liked working with a young actor, then he even stated that Bichevin would definitely be a star.

After the Shchukin school, Bichevin entered the Vakhtangov Theater, where he still works. Now he plays Figaro in the controversial performance of Mirzoyev based on the play by Beaumarchais, Prince Zvezdich in “Masquerade” according to Rimas Tuminas and Troilus in the tragicomedy of Shakespeare “Troilus and Cressida”.
Contemporary: Arthur Smolyaninov
Although Smolyaninov has been acting in films since the age of 14, he does not forget about working in the theater. For nine years, the actor has been working in Sovremennik. He plays in the poetic performance of Igor Kvasha, “Do you not want to get under the arm?” based on poems by Gumilyov, Voloshin, Mayakovsky, Yesenin and Brodsky, as well as in the production of Brodsky’s poem “The Hunchbacks and Gorchakov”. He can be seen in Egor Peregudov’s “Hot Heart”, the play “Gentleman” by Evgeni Kamenkovich and the play “Murlin Murlo”, directed by Sergey Garmash. In addition, last year Smolyaninov acted as a director, staging in “Contemporary” a play based on Brodsky’s play “Dedicated to Yalta.”

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