Bookshelf. Boris Pasternak. Staging
People capable of the Act live hard, sometimes tragically. But life generously endows them with talent, breadth of soul, courage, humanity .... That was Boris Pasternak, whose birthday will be…

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Sergey Zhigunov and Anastasia Zavorotnyuk: romance and separation
Today the name of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk is well known to many moviegoers and lovers of reality shows such as “Dancing with the Stars”, “Dancing on the Ice”, “Ice Age”, “Minute…

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Rich and famous: who did they earn as a youth?
Life is unfair! - Young people often complain. Students with no work experience are rarely offered truly interesting vacancies. We have to earn extra money on a boring, low-skilled job,…

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Twin actors

As a child, I wanted to have a twin sister. This is great! You know each other since childhood, go to the same school, your friends confuse you. You can play around, and you can act in films. Most often, twin actors become popular precisely in childhood. This can be easily verified by recalling the most vivid examples.

James and Oliver Phelps
Today is the birthday of James and Oliver Phelps. These are the charming redhead bullies who played the cheerful Ron Weasley brothers in a series of films about Harry Potter. From childhood, they read the books of Joan Rowling and, learning about the casting, happily went to him. Their roles are at least small, but very memorable. Brothers with an age difference of 13 minutes always thought they were very different. Oliver is lively and active, and James has always been more modest and reserved. In addition to “Harry Potter”, the actors starred together in one of the episodes of the British series “Peter Kingdom will not leave you.”

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
And this is perhaps the most famous twin of the world. Their film career began when the Olsen sisters were not even a year old. At the age of nine months, they began acting in the popular sitcom Full House and spent eight years on the set. Mary-Kate and Ashley played the same character so that each of them did not have to work too long, violating the law on child labor. At six, they became producers, at seven – owners of the company, at ten – millionaires.

Their most famous children’s film is Two, Me and My Shadow. The sisters played girlfriends who are like two drops of water similar to each other. They decided to swap places and help parents find their happiness. Now, however, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are removed much less often than in childhood. However, they have no reason to lose heart. Girls run their own production company and produce a clothing line.

Scarlett and Hunter Johansson
Clever and beautiful, the face of Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabbana, Scarlett Johansson has acted in films since childhood. She was nine years old when she played in her first film with young Elijah Wood, and at ten Johansson starred with Sean Connery. Her brother Hunter, who is three minutes younger than Scarlett, on the contrary, was never interested in an actor’s career. But his life is also developing very successfully: Hunter worked in the team of US President Barack Obama. Perhaps he himself will have a brilliant political future.

However, once Hunter still played in the movies. He and his family starred in an episode of the movie “Manny and Law,” in which Scarlett played.

Linda and Leslie Hamilton
Perhaps the career of the actress Linda once thought about thanks to her twin sister. As a child, they often played in school plays, and not because they were especially fond of the theater: they just seemed amusing to surprise the audience with their similarities. After graduation, Linda began working on television, and then was cast in the movie “Terminator”, becoming the legendary Sarah Connor. But Leslie with the movie did not work out. Although in one picture she still starred. It was “Terminator 2: Doomsday,” where Leslie played a double of Sarah Connor.

Dylan and Cole Sprouse
You probably know these guys! They, like the Olsen sisters, began acting in films very early. The first role they played in the once popular TV series “Grace on Fire.” The youngest son of the main character Patrick Kelly – this is exactly what Sprouse can take on his own. In addition, they played the son of Ross Geller in the cult sitcom Friends, and also starred in the eerie drama Chicks.

As a teenager, the guys got their own TV show “All Tip-Top, or Life of Zach and Cody,” in which they played … of course the twin brothers: calm and balanced Cody and the selfish bully Zach, who constantly messes up his brother in troubles. The series was so popular among teenagers that the brothers even created their own line of teenage clothing. They called Adam Sandler their favorite actor. A strange choice, of course.

What are their future plans is unknown. But while both are studying at the institute. Cole studies archeology and Dylan studies video game design.

Lisa and Louise Burns
But these girls starred in only one film, after which they forgot about the movie. One of the sisters became a philologist, the other a microbiologist. But I think that anyone who once saw them will not forget them. A pair of twins from the Stanley Kubrick movie “Shine” is called the creepiest twins in the movie.

As you can see, twins, who became famous in childhood, rarely retain the same popularity in adulthood. Maybe because they are all perceived exclusively in pairs? And paired roles, as it turns out, are not so many. In childhood, it’s good to do everything together. But in adulthood, the twins have to find their way.

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