Actors Recognized by One Role
Are you familiar with a situation where, when you see a famous actor on the screen, remember the name of his popular movie hero earlier than the present? Sometimes the…

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The most fighting actors
In the movie, everyone gets in different ways. Some study in specialized schools and institutes, others follow on the heels of their parents, actors, directors or producers, while others accidentally…

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Sergey Zhigunov and Anastasia Zavorotnyuk: romance and separation
Today the name of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk is well known to many moviegoers and lovers of reality shows such as “Dancing with the Stars”, “Dancing on the Ice”, “Ice Age”, “Minute…

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Top 7 promising Russian actors

It somehow happened that you and I usually talk either about Hollywood actors, or about the old guard of Soviet cinema. And our country’s young actor’s overgrowth is not taken seriously, sometimes without even remembering the names of the actors. But, good or bad, they are the future of our cinema. On Friday, his 29th birthday will be celebrated by Konstantin Kryukov. I propose today to recall him and other young Russian actors under 35 years old.

Konstantin Kryukov, 28 years old
Konstantin Kryukov, who first appeared on the screen in the film “9 Companies”, is the grandson of director Sergei Bondarchuk and the nephew of Fedor Bondarchuk, so acting for him is expected and logical. But I must say, he does not limit her. He graduated from an art school in Zurich, the American Institute of Gemology (specialist in precious stones) and the Moscow Law Academy. He not only acts in films, but also releases his own line of jewelry, draws paintings and even receives prestigious awards for them. By the way, he has no acting education.

So you won’t understand right away, cinema for him is a profession or one of many hobbies. But, one way or another, since 2005, he regularly removed every year. Just recently, a new film was released with his participation – “Champions”, where Kryukov plays the famous skater Anton Sikharulidze.

Well, to say how promising this actor is, we probably can only when he decides for himself who he is – an actor, jeweler, lawyer or artist.

Arthur Smolyaninov, 30 years old
Arthur Smolyaninov has been acting in films since 14 years. His first role was a difficult teenager from the film Valery Priyemykhova “Who, if not us.” For her, Arthur received the Best Teen Actor Award. After this role, Arthur – then still a schoolboy – suddenly becomes a sought-after actor, he starred in films and TV shows. But real fame comes to him after the same “9th company.” He plays Fierce, the only one from the whole company who managed to stay alive.

It’s interesting to look at Smolyaninov, he knows how to transform. He is Tatar Kostka in 1612, and drug addict Valera Dead in Nirvana, a self-confident and rude fighter in Phantom and a rather spineless Angel in the film My Boyfriend is an Angel, a charming thief from Elok II. And personally, I really like his voice, especially the voice acting of the Wolf in the animated film “Ivan Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf”.

As for his filmography, it seems to me that quantitative indicators have already been achieved and it’s time to focus on quality – choose interesting roles that will develop and reveal his talents. He himself dreams of playing his idol Vladimir Vysotsky. Unfortunately, he was already ahead of him here.

Leonid Bichevin, 29 years old
It seems to me that this young actor can already be called interesting and promising. Once a presumptuous guy left an agricultural school, deciding to become an actor. I don’t know how much our agriculture has lost from this, but Russian cinema has definitely gained.

At the theater, Bichevin plays in a large number of classical works – from Shakespeare to Ostrovsky. Perhaps this was a good preparation for his difficult movie roles.

Films with Bichevin are not youth comedies, his characters are complex, contradictory, multifaceted. One collaboration with Balabanov is worth it. The first film of the actor is heavy in every sense “Cargo 200”. The director Bichevin, apparently, liked it – after this film Balabanov immediately invited him to the main role in “Morphine”. It seems to me that for a young 24-year-old guy to play the role of a disappointed morphine doctor is not an easy task. But he definitely dealt with her. Balabanov was pleased with the young actor and even in one interview predicted a stellar career for him. Critics also love Bichevin, and although his track record is not too long, he has already earned a number of awards. In 2009, he was nominated for the Georges film award, the winners of which are chosen by the audience themselves. Then he lost to Garmash, but it seems to me that for such a young actor, losing to Garmash is already very honorable.

I liked the movie “Closed Spaces.” There he plays a young man who is so afraid of open spaces that he cannot go outside. He locks a young pizza delivery woman in his apartment, hoping that a stressful situation can cause love between them.

This actor impressed me with the fact that I do not always recognize him in new films. It is this ability to transform into completely different characters that promises Bichevin a very interesting acting career.

Anton Shagin, 29 years old
The main dude Anton Shagin filmography is not too extensive. But as a theater actor, he has already achieved success: Shagin can boast of “Crystal Turadot”, “Golden Leaf” for the best male role in the Moscow Art Theater play “Do not part with your beloved,” as well as a government award for the performance of “Peer Gynt”.

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