Review of July movie premieres
The news films that are waiting for us in July are very mottled, but there are some very interesting ones among them. Cameron Diaz will be a "bad teacher", Jim…

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The cast, or the role claimed ...
The selection of actors for the film is an important preparatory stage of film production. Sometimes it drags on for a long time. Thousands of actors go through auditions and…

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Great actors of the past era. TV shows
Amazing date on the calendar tomorrow. Two, at first glance, unrelated events - on November 15, 1866, the great Russian actress Alexandra Yablochkina was born in St. Petersburg, and in…

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Actors Recognized by One Role

Are you familiar with a situation where, when you see a famous actor on the screen, remember the name of his popular movie hero earlier than the present? Sometimes the names of the heroes completely obscure the real names of the actors. What is it – star fame or a label for life?

Each actor dreams of such an image that will bring them fame and audience sympathy. However, when the role becomes the actor’s calling card, it can become both a happy ticket and an actor’s curse. But not for the audience! After all, their love for vivid images is transferred to the actors themselves. Let’s remember the most vivid images that merged with the actors who played them.

Soviet intelligence and secret police of the Third Reich
The village tractor driver Matvey Morozov and Prince Andrei Bolkonsky, history teacher Ilya Semenovich and the owner of Bely Bim, Nikolay Streltsov, who fought for his homeland, and dozens of other roles of Vyacheslav Tikhonov, brilliantly played by him, but not become common names. One image outweighed everything – Stirlitz, the legendary Soviet intelligence officer Isaev from the film “Seventeen Moments of Spring”. The whole country froze during the screening of the famous series by Tatyana Lioznova, and then together they composed and retold dozens of jokes about Stirlitz and Müller. Actually, they are still composed and retold.

Another role from the same film became the hallmark of another actor – Leonid Bronevoy, who played the role of chief of the secret state police of the Third Reich, SS group-führer Heinrich Müller, the main enemy of the intelligence officer Isaev. About 50 movie roles, many of which could also become Leonid Bronevoy’s “middle name”, could not outshine Müller: “And I’ll ask you to stay …”. Although many of his images are also “spread out” into catchphrases: “I respected your way of thinking. Free shoulder line, tight trousers …”, “I used to enter Moscestrada as my native home, and now I go there like Calvary!”, “The doctor is full – it’s easier for the patient!”, “” Is it a smoking car? – And for drinkers! “”. Learned? But still, for millions of viewers, he is Mueller.

Recently, more and more films about doctors and police have appeared on the screens. But whose images always pop up first? Dr. Bykov (Ivan Okhlobystin) and Capercaillie (Maxim Averin).

Two cynics and two professionals – each in their own field. The Bulls therapy managers are a sort of Doctor House in the Russian version, only the “our” cynicism is somehow humane, even sincere. Investigator Glukharev is far from being an angel, but he has the main thing – a sense of justice, which is enough for us. By the way, Maxim Averin just as well played a doctor, something similar to Dr. Bykov, but …. anyway – Glukharev!

Perhaps foreign viewers would not understand how the police and medicine could be like that. But this is our medicine and our police, and, in my opinion, everyone holds such, and if there were more Glukharevs and Bykovs, then maybe ….

Our national features
You can understand the Russian soul! If you look at our “National Features”. Hunting, fishing, New Year – that is what unites us all, regardless of status and position. Huntsman Kuzmich and the general are amazing images created by Viktor Bychkov and Alexei Buldakov and merged with them into a single whole.

More than 40 serious roles were played by Viktor Bychkov before the “features of the national hunt” and the same after. But he is always for us – Kuzmich, full of the irony of the forest “philosopher”.

Aleksey Buldakov – he is well-deserved, and popular, and he played a lot of roles, but for the audience he is a general, real, the same one who “for justice, for beauty, for hunting” with a great deal of self-irony. The image is so merged with the actor that not only became his business card and multiplied in all the following films from the epic of “national characteristics”. If all the generals were like this – special and national, what would be?

Two ironies
The irony of fate and the irony of position: Nadia Sheveleva (Barbara Brylska) and Donna Roza (Alexander Kalyagin).

Despite everything, the well-known Polish actress Barbara Brylska is our Nadia, a teacher of Russian and literature from St. Petersburg, from Stroiteley street 25, apartment 12. And it doesn’t matter what she said in the voice of Valentina Talyzina, but Alla Pugacheva sang for her, for us she forever our main New Year guest, our hope for a miracle.

Donna Rosa from Brazil, where there are so many wild monkeys, the one that the audience forever and unconditionally loved, and the one that became the “label” for Alexander Kalyagin. More than a hundred roles in the cinema and theater could not outweigh this vivid, unforgettable image. And if there wasn’t in the list of his roles “Brazilian Aunt”? Perhaps then they shouted to him next: Pavel Ivanovich Chichikov! “? Oh, Donna Rosa … what a charm, charm and what a romance!

The best detective and the best king
Vasily Livanov is the best Sherlock Holmes in the world and this is beyond doubt and is confirmed by the Queen of Great Britain, who awarded him the Order of the British Empire. In addition, it is “our” Holmes that is depicted on New Zealand coins; it was his face that was used to create the image.

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