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Actors Recognized by One Role
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Stars that went out before ...
How to evaluate life? Is it long or short? A person can live for many years and leave nothing behind, no memories of himself, but he lived a long time!…

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The best historical series

Historical facts and legends, palace intrigues and politics, powerful kings and little people who turned history, war and peace, love and betrayal – what could be more exciting? All this is intertwined in historical series, as in real life. However, history is a real life left in the past, which we can judge from chronicles, chronicles, historical novels and from the heights of modernity to decide for ourselves who is right, who is to blame, who is the hero, and who is the villain …

What does it take for a historical film to completely capture us, plunging into the events of past years? Realistic production of battles, subtle copies of historical costumes, genuine interiors, acting talent? Undoubtedly. But the main thing is a sincere fascination with the history of directors and directors, all participants in the filming, because they lead us into the distant past, which for several hours becomes the present.

The Tudors (2007-2010)
Directors: Steve Schill, John Emiel, Charles MacDougall, Jeremy Podvesva, Cyrene Donnelly, Colm McCarthy, Brian Kirk, Alison McLean, Dirble Walsh.

38 episodes of the film, shot by a whole group of directors, according to the script of Michael Hirst chained thousands and thousands of viewers to the screens. The history of old England and the Tudor dynasty, the secret and public life of one of the most famous English monarchs Henry VIII and his court, palace intrigues and religious wars are one of the best dives in history on the screen.

King of England (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) and Anna Boleyn (Natalie Dormer)

Borgia (2011-2012)
Intrigue, murder, conspiracy, debauchery – these are all the powerful Borgia family.

All this in the historical series, scripted by Neil Jordan, David Liland, co-authored by directors Jeremy Poddesva, Simon Cellan Jones and others. History puts everything in its place and today’s sovereignty, tomorrow becomes the beginning of its end. The film entered the top ten world series based on historical facts.

Fire and Sword (1999)
Director: Jerzy Hoffman

Screenwriters: Jerzy Hoffman, Andrzej Krakowski

The film, shot not from the beginning to the end of historical events, but from the ending of events to from the denouement. The film was based on the famous trilogy of Henryk Sienkiewicz “Fire and Sword”, “Flood” and “Pan Volodyevsky.” The novel “Pan Volodyevsky” was first filmed in 1969, then in “The Flood” in 1974. The last part of the historical series was shot with the participation of Polish, Ukrainian and Russian actors. An exciting and entertaining film about hatred, power, vicissitudes of human destinies.

Downton Abbey
Directors: Brian Percival, Ben Bolt, Brian Kelly

Screenwriter: Julian Fellows

The series could be called endless – as many as 80 episodes. But it is impossible to break away from the narration of the events of the beginning of the century and the history of the Downton estate and its inhabitants! The film is not about kings and wars, but about human destinies in a certain segment of history. Was it really so, and did the heroes exist in real life? Maybe not. But the spirit and way of that time, characters and relationships, traditions and family values ​​are, without a doubt, genuine.

Russian cinema pays attention to historical events like no other. Yes, this is not surprising – no other country has such a story as our country. It is the genre of a historical film that attracts the maximum number of viewers to the screens – be it a story about centuries past or about events with a maximum of 50 years ago. Who we are and where our family is from, who our ancestors were, is an eternal question that concerns many Russians. Maybe that’s why for us our history is always in the first place, whatever the world rating of historical films may be.

Young Russia (1991, 1992)
Director: Ilya Gurin

Operator: Evgeny Davydov

A film adaptation of the novel by Yuri German, based on historical events of the turn of the XVIII century. A new tsar, new orders, a new life – it has always been like this in Russia. This film is about the creation of the Russian fleet, born of Peter the Great and the great Russian people.

Liquidation (2007)
Director: Sergey Ursulyak

Post-war Odessa seems to be a peaceful life, the conditions of which, however, are dictated by thieves and bandits. The new militia, in which new cadres came, with a special sense of justice and concepts of honor, seasoned by the war, and the new commander of the Odessa district – the disgraced Marshal Zhukov. The real events of the post-war years, the unique Odessa flavor and humor, charismatic characters. The film became the best series of 2008.

The split (2011)
Director: Nikolai Dostal (II)

Screenwriters: Mikhail Kuraev, Nikolai Dostal (II)

One of the last historical series that came out on our screens about one of the most difficult periods of Russian history – the history of the split of the Russian Orthodox Church in the 17th century. Why is it that period of spiritual schism in Russia that so little attention was paid in literature? What do we know today about that time, how can we judge those events? In addition to the painting “Boyar Morozov” by Vasily Surikov, and one of the chapters of “History of the Russian State”, written by Karamzin, there was nothing to mention right away.

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