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Cities of the world as full actors

There are stories that can happen only in one place, one city – transfer the action somewhere else, and this will be a completely different story. Let’s take a short trip today and remember exactly such films: in which cities have become original movie stars.

Translation Difficulties (2003) – Tokyo
Before filming in this picture, directed by Sofia Coppola, Scarlett Johansson was considered a promising and even somewhat recognized young actress. After filming, she became a real world celebrity.

A tape is more than about love or friendship. It is about that human warmth that can be infrequently experienced and impossible to fake. It arises when by chance there are people who subtly complement each other – not by characters or in life, but simply in the circumstances in which they find themselves. What is called, in the right place at the right time.

She is a very young girl, recently married, arrived in an unfamiliar Tokyo and spends most of her time alone, while her husband is busy with business. In addition, judging by everything, the husband is much more passionate about his work, or rather, let’s say, colleagues – he is a fashion photographer, shooting stars and supermodels. In general, you understand.

He (Bill Murray) is an aging American film actor who came to Japan to star in commercials for a solid fee. He feels at some crossroads – his middle age is knocking either on the rib or heart, the 25-year-old marriage has become too familiar and dull. It would seem that the classic story of adultery will develop further from boredom – however, this is not at all the case.

And here is Tokyo? And where else can you find such an ideal landscape that emphasizes how small and cramped a man can feel, sandwiched among tall luminous skyscrapers and always somewhere moving and busy crowd, where no one cares.

Spain (2002) – Barcelona
The capital of Catalonia is surprisingly different from many other cities. She fancifully manages to absorb and combine a variety of moods, motives, trends, cultures, while preserving her own, unlike anything face. Here you are like everyone else and at the same time special, as you are.

The ideal environment for learning – science, life, relationships. The hero of the film, the Frenchman Xavier (Romain Duris), just thought that he was going to study economics under the student exchange program, and the diverse and diverse Barcelona prepared for him completely different lessons – somewhat sad and somewhat hilarious.

By the way, in the sequel of the picture – “Beauties” – the heroes will go to our St. Petersburg.

French Kiss (1995) – Paris
A classic for all lovers of romantic comedies. Kate (Romom star Meg Ryan) is in love, happy and is about to get married. Her fiance Charlie goes to work in Paris, but Kate can not accompany him – the fear of flying on planes is stronger than herself. More precisely, Kate thought so until the phone rang: Charlie admitted that he had met another, and that she was the love of his life.

“… and I decided that I would not allow some bitch – forgive my French, but it was before I knew you personally – I stole my Charlie’s heart,” Kate will explain later, when she’ll overtake a couple at one of the French resorts. In order to return the groom back, Kate will master a terrifying flight by plane, make new friends and survive many adventures.

Will she get Charlie back? Of course. Another question is whether he will find a place in her new life. Which she will be obliged to unpredictable, romantic, contradictory, moody, arrogant, flirtatious France and Paris.

Moscow does not believe in tears (1980) – Moscow
I don’t think anyone here needs any retelling of the plot. A lot of people, both then and today, go to conquer the capital of our country – they go to work better, to get a better salary, to know better for education, and to color their lives. Only Moscow is not in the teeth for everyone – cry, do not cry. And not everyone in it manages to maintain self-confidence and even self-confidence.

Sherlock Holmes (2009) – London
Nobody will ever replace in the hearts of the audience (and not only ours, Russian, by the way) the legendary performer of the role of the cult English detective – I mean Vasily Livanov. But, it is worth recognizing that Robert Downey Jr. did not try to imitate his predecessor, but showed a completely different Sherlock, who was also not without interest.

And Sherlock himself – of course, he can go to some other locality for investigation. But only for a while! After all, it’s all the same: we say “Sherlock” – we mean London, Baker Street, Scotland Yard, a cab, a constable, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Thames Sir!

And what movies with cities do you remember? It was such that they saw something in the cinema, and then arrived there – what are the sensations?

From musicians to actors
Bad is the musician who does not dream of becoming ... an actor! For better or worse, many successful artists sooner or later try themselves on the movie screen. For…


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