Famous Pike Alumni
Yesterday, the famous Boris Shchukin Theater Institute turned 100 years old. On this day, October 23, 1914, a young student of Stanislavsky Eugene Vakhtangov held the first lesson with youth.…

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Very special effects
The jokes that soon computer technology will reach such a level that there will be no need for real actors are still jokes ... However, they say, they are less…

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Actors Recognized by One Role
Are you familiar with a situation where, when you see a famous actor on the screen, remember the name of his popular movie hero earlier than the present? Sometimes the…

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Nedodali: actors without Oscars

The film industry is an unpredictable thing and, in my opinion, not always fair. Take at least the main cinematic award – the golden Oscar. For example, about 40 years ago, it was awarded to 10-year-old Tatum O’Neill – she went down in history as the youngest winner of a prestigious award. But after this childhood success, the actress showed little in herself. On the other hand, many by no means young actors and even recognized icons of the film business have been trying their whole lives, but never receive a figurine. Let’s remember today the most famous and interesting actors who have not yet received an Oscar. And, of course, we wish them to win the coveted figurine.

Leonardo DiCaprio
The famous Leo has long since grown from a handsome young man into an adult and serious actor, and with the Oscar he is disastrously unlucky. And no luck from the very beginning. Even before the notorious Titanic, a handsome 19-year-old boy played a difficult role as a mentally retarded teenager in the movie What Gilbert Grape Eats? His play seemed so convincing to critics that the young little-known actor was nominated for the main cinema award. Then the statuette was taken away from him by the elderly and experienced Tommy Lee Jones.

Then the young actor probably thought that since he immediately hit the members of the Academy, getting a figurine is only a matter of time. Two or three years, no more. There it was! DiCaprio seems to be pursuing evil rock: films with his participation receive a lot of awards, and the actor himself somehow bypasses the awards. Judge for yourself, “Titanic” was nominated for an Oscar 14 times, received 11 statuettes, but not a word about the main character. “Gangs of New York” claimed the prize in ten categories, and again DiCaprio’s name was not among them. “Catch Me If You Can” was nominated twice. Aviator claimed 11 Oscars and received five of them, however, then DiCaprio was also nominated for the award. At that time, the statuette he “took” Jamie Foxx, who played Ray Charles.

The Departed received five Oscars, but DiCaprio was not even among the nominees. The actor received his third (currently the last) nomination for the prize in 2007 for the film “Blood Diamond”, but this time the statuette was not given to him either.

And again the same thing: “The Road of Change” was nominated in three categories, “Beginning” – in eight, half of which won. One of the last films with his participation “Django Unchained” received five nominations and won two of them. Including – the best supporting actor, which was not DiCaprio, although critics enthusiastically spoke about his game, and his partner on the platform, Christoph Waltz. He is also well done, of course, but DiCaprio is still a little disappointed. He is probably offended by himself. In any case, the actor missed the last Oscar ceremony, where they honored Django. And why walk, if you still do not reward?

In general, on the basis of the foregoing, it sometimes seems to me that members of the Academy of Film Academy for something do not like him very much. However, the actor is not going to go anywhere, which means that new roles await him and – I want to believe – new awards. Patience and labor will grind everything, as they say.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp is an actor who is called the icon of American cinema. In half the films, make-up artists mercilessly paint his face almost under the clown, but this does not hide his charm and artistic talent. He draws some paintings exclusively on himself – after viewing them, you understand that, in addition to Depp, there was, in general, nothing to look at. And then you revise to look at him again.

Johnny Depp, as well as DiCaprio was thrice nominated for an Oscar. And also did not receive a single figurine. And, by the way, along with him at the beginning of his career he played in the film “What Gilbert Grape Eats?” Maybe they were cursed there together? But let’s leave the mystical theories and remember how it was.

Johnny Depp’s films are not only loved by the audience – many of them received praise from critics and were nominated for various awards, including the Oscars. The actor himself was first nominated in 2004 for the role of Jack Sparrow. Then he lost to Sean Penn, who starred in Eastwood’s Mysterious River. You can’t say anything here – a serious adversary.

The next nomination took place exactly one year later for the film “Fairyland”. This time, Johnny Depp was short-listed with DiCaprio. The figurine did not go to both of them – as I already said, Jamie Foxx won that time.

In 2008, when Depp was nominated for the lead role in Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, he was beaten by Daniel Day-Lewis with the movie Oil.

In my opinion, Depp – always bright, memorable and artistic – is too used to. Now, in order to win, he needs to break stereotypes, to appear in a completely new role. However, he has popular love even without any figurine.

Brad Pitt
No, Brad Pitt, of course, handsome, sex symbol and all that, but to call him just a handsome actor, his tongue does not turn.

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