Famous Pike Alumni
Yesterday, the famous Boris Shchukin Theater Institute turned 100 years old. On this day, October 23, 1914, a young student of Stanislavsky Eugene Vakhtangov held the first lesson with youth.…

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The legendary actors of world cinema
Holidays are getting closer, corporate events are already starting in many companies, and the internal clock has launched a countdown. We’ll be compassionate yet? Today is the birthday of the…

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Top 7 promising Russian actors
It somehow happened that you and I usually talk either about Hollywood actors, or about the old guard of Soviet cinema. And our country’s young actor’s overgrowth is not taken…

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Great actors of the past era. TV shows

Amazing date on the calendar tomorrow. Two, at first glance, unrelated events – on November 15, 1866, the great Russian actress Alexandra Yablochkina was born in St. Petersburg, and in 1934 the first practical audio broadcast of low-line television took place: Moskvin read the story of A.P. Chekhov’s “Attacker”, performed by a singer and a ballet couple. Thanks to the possibility of sound television broadcasts, another possibility appeared – to preserve for the descendants the amazing play of the great Russian actors … TV shows recorded many years ago are simply priceless today! We can see Yablochkina, Gogolev, Yanshin, Ilyinsky, Tilled, Ranevskaya, Plyatt and many others alive … such as they were seen by contemporaries who were lucky to attend their performances. I invite you to a television theater …

Alexandra Yablochkina
Alexandra Aleksandrovna Yablochkina (1866-1964). She studied skills with her father, actor and director Alexander Alexandrovich Yablochkin and with actress G.N. Fedotova, who sometimes called her mother. In the years 1886-1888 played in the Moscow theater Korsha, and from 1888 until the end of her life in the Maly Theater. Alexandra Yablochkina is not only a great actress, but also a great soul man, with amazing strength of character and will. In 1958, just three years before her last appearance on the stage, she played a new special role in her huge repertoire – Miss Crowley based on the novel by Van Thackeray “Vanity Fair”. Why is this role special? At the time of the performance, Alexandra Alexandrovna turned 92 years old …

Alexandra Aleksandrovna Yablochkina left did not live up to her 100th birthday for only two years, but as the evil theatrical languages ​​used to say – it was two years that she wound up somewhere in the old acting habit. She was buried at the Novodevichy cemetery in Moscow.

Since 1995, the Actor’s House has been awarding the Yablochkina Prize to the best actors of the year.

Unfortunately, only one version of the play with her participation was found – based on the play of the same name by A. Korneichuk Krylya.
Wings (Maly Theater 1956)
Production: Tatyana Lukashevich, Konstantin Zubov
Director: Tatyana Lukashevich
Operator: Simon Sheinin
Composer: Vano (Ivan) Muradeli

Cast: Mikhail Tsaryov, Nikolay Komissarov, Alexandra Salnikova, Nikolay Svetlovidov, Elena Rubtsova, Ivan Vereisky, Ksenia Tarasova, Victor Khokhryakov, Elena Gogoleva, Claudia Blokhin, Irina Likso, Vitaly Doronin, Pavel Olenev, Alexandra Yablochkina.

Elena Gogoleva
Gogoleva Elena Nikolaevna (1900 – 1993).

Elena Nikolaevna was born in Moscow in the family of an army officer Nikolai Gogolev and a provincial actress. After graduating from the Alexander Mariinsky Institute in 1916, she entered the drama department of the Music and Drama School of the Moscow Philharmonic Society. 18-year-old Gogoleva made her debut

on the stage of the Maly Theater in the role of Jessica (“The Merchant of Venice”) and was accepted into the troupe. By her 60th season, director Boris Aleksandrovich Lvov-Anokhin staged a performance at the Maly Theater specifically for her, the theater’s oldest actress. For another 20 years, she played the role of the centenary head of the Mouret clan, no longer getting up from her chair …

According to contemporaries, Gogolev was very worried about whether she could play this role. To which the director told her: Play! Yes, you have nothing to play – hooligan, just let yourself be a hooligan! Is it for me to be a bully, a tragic actress ?! – answered Gogolev … And she played – subtly, ironically.

Mamure, Maly Theater (1978)
Production – B. Lvov-Anokhin
Composer – G. Fried

Cast – Elena Gogoleva, Konstantin Myakishev, Tatyana Pankova, Varvara Obukhova, Evgeny Vesnik, Evgeniya Glushenko, Gennady Karnovich-Valois, Vitaly Solomin.

Igor Ilyinsky
Ilyinsky Igor Vladimirovich (1901 – 1987)

Which of us in childhood did not hear the stories of A.P. Chekhov in his brilliant performance? Theater and film artist, master of artistic expression and director. Honored and People’s Artist of the RSFSR and the USSR. Deservedly folk …

In 1920, Ilyinsky entered the RSFSR Theater, led by Vsevolod Meyerhold, and since 1938 he was an actor of the Maly Theater. Igor Ilyinsky – he did not play, he lived in every role, not a note of falsehood, not a bit of untruth in his images.

The actor was buried in Moscow at the Novodevichy cemetery (10 site).

Wolves and sheep (Maly Theater 1952)
Director: Vladimir Sukhobokov
Cast: Vera Pashennaya, Tatyana Eremeeva, Varvara Ryzhova, Elena Shatrova, Igor Ilyinsky, Boris Telegin, Nikolai Svetlovidov, Dmitry Pavlov

Woe from Wit (Maly Theater 1952)
Director: Sergey Alekseev
Cast: Mikhail Tsarev, Olga Khorkova, Mikhail Sadovsky, Vera Pashennaya, Irina Likso, Evdokia Turchaninova, Konstantin Zubov, Igor Ilyinsky.

Mikhail Yanshin
Yanshin Mikhail Mikhailovich (1902 – 1976).

A talented person is talented in everything. There may be a somewhat hackneyed definition, but Mikhail Yanshin was really incredibly talented. Since 1924, he became an actor, and then – the director of the Moscow Art Theater. In the years 1937-1941 Mikhail Yanshin – artistic director of the Gypsy Theater “Romen”!

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