Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. From friendship to love
"Cumpleanos feliz!" from all sides she will hear tomorrow "Happy Birthday!" He fell in love with her at first sight, but could only admit his feelings after many years. They…

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The greatest comedians of the world
To amuse others is not an easy task and to achieve success along this path, you need not only and not so much to have a funny appearance, but still…

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Rich and famous: who did they earn as a youth?
Life is unfair! - Young people often complain. Students with no work experience are rarely offered truly interesting vacancies. We have to earn extra money on a boring, low-skilled job,…

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commercial cooperation

Alfred Joseph Hitchcock

Exactly 31 years ago he was gone. A classic of the genre is a psychological thriller, he was madly in love with traveling, going to wrestling and symphony concerts in Albert Hall. He collected the first editions and original works of art and believed that in the world there is nothing worse than a closed door …

Name – Alfred Joseph Hitchcock
Date of birth – August 13, 1899
Place of birth – London, UK
Profession – filmmaker, producer, screenwriter
Family – wife: Alma Reville; daughter: Patricia
Hair color – dark blond
Eye color – brown
Height – 170 cm

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Alone in the field … actor!

A one-man show is a complex, rare genre and, some even say, are dying. Contrary to this sad opinion, Solo festival of solo performances is taking place in Moscow this week, which was attended by individualists from different countries of Europe. I propose today to arrange my own small festival and recall the most famous Russian solo performances.

The solo performance genre is complicated for any actor. Not everyone will be able to keep the attention of the audience for a long time. In an hour and a half, any monologue becomes boring. Trying to cheer up his speech, the actor can easily fall into vulgarity. In a word, a solo performance is a difficult genre, and only actors with a capital letter can stretch it out. Let’s see who exactly.

Arkady Raikin, miniatures
Then there was no such word. But the variety miniatures of the man-theater of Arkady Raikin, during which he instantly changed images, facial expressions and voice, in my opinion, are very suitable for the definition of a one-man show. Many of Raikin’s miniatures were included in his television play “People and Mannequins.” Continue reading

Films: The youngest nominees and winners of the Oscars

Usually children cannot seriously compete with adults: forces are obviously unequal. But there are exceptions to any rule. For example, these kids who competed with famous adult actors for the main film award.

Tatum O’Neill
The youngest Oscar winner in the history of the award. She received it at the age of ten for her supporting role in the film Paper Moon. Tatum played a little chaperone chaperone who moves from one city to another. The girl’s partner was her own father, actor Ryan O’Neill. True, in real life, her relationship with her dad developed worse than in the movies. The actress did not speak with her father for 25 years, and only in 2011 they solemnly made peace on a reality show.

I must say that Tatum O’Neill’s adult acting career was not the best. She periodically plays small roles in series, and the press writes about her not because of successful film works, but because of drug scandals. Continue reading

Not twins, but twins: brothers and sisters in the movies
Today we celebrate a double birthday: on this day, with a difference of 13 minutes, actors James and Oliver Phelps were born. How is it - you don’t know who…


Very special effects
The jokes that soon computer technology will reach such a level that there will be no need for real actors are still jokes ... However, they say, they are less…


The modest stars of Soviet cinema: Alisa Freindlikh and Evgeny Steblov
Beloved by many, an actress with an outlandish German surname is a real Petersburger. She was born in the center of the northern capital, in a house overlooking St. Isaac's…


Great actors of the past era. TV shows
Amazing date on the calendar tomorrow. Two, at first glance, unrelated events - on November 15, 1866, the great Russian actress Alexandra Yablochkina was born in St. Petersburg, and in…