Celebrities: couples of different ages
Still, age is an interesting thing. Everything can be attributed to it - from mood to weather. It is especially interesting to observe the relationships between people in married couples.…

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Nedodali: actors without Oscars
The film industry is an unpredictable thing and, in my opinion, not always fair. Take at least the main cinematic award - the golden Oscar. For example, about 40 years…

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The greatest comedians of the world
To amuse others is not an easy task and to achieve success along this path, you need not only and not so much to have a funny appearance, but still…

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conflicting performances

Very special effects

The jokes that soon computer technology will reach such a level that there will be no need for real actors are still jokes … However, they say, they are less and less laughed by the actors themselves.

But we believe that it is too early for them to worry. Many eminent directors do not trust completely modern technologies and prefer to rely on human genius and skill. It’s hard to believe, but some of the famous movie scenes that, it would seem, impossible to translate into real life, were shot exactly the old fashioned way: with stuntmen, special decorations, props, mock-ups and models.

“The Dark Knight”
The spectacular turning over of the truck actually happened, and even twice.

At first, the crew “trained on cats”, blocking one of the streets of Chicago and attaching a special firecracker to the bottom of the truck, which threw up the back of the car. Continue reading

Alone in the field … actor!

A one-man show is a complex, rare genre and, some even say, are dying. Contrary to this sad opinion, Solo festival of solo performances is taking place in Moscow this week, which was attended by individualists from different countries of Europe. I propose today to arrange my own small festival and recall the most famous Russian solo performances.

The solo performance genre is complicated for any actor. Not everyone will be able to keep the attention of the audience for a long time. In an hour and a half, any monologue becomes boring. Trying to cheer up his speech, the actor can easily fall into vulgarity. In a word, a solo performance is a difficult genre, and only actors with a capital letter can stretch it out. Let’s see who exactly.

Arkady Raikin, miniatures
Then there was no such word. But the variety miniatures of the man-theater of Arkady Raikin, during which he instantly changed images, facial expressions and voice, in my opinion, are very suitable for the definition of a one-man show. Many of Raikin’s miniatures were included in his television play “People and Mannequins.” Continue reading

Young actors on the stage

Do you know what day will be celebrated tomorrow? World Theater Day. For more than half a century, it has been celebrated under the motto “Theater as a means of understanding and strengthening peace between peoples.” And for me, theater is also a litmus test for actors. To play on stage, in my opinion, is much more difficult than acting in films. And it is in the theater that you can understand what the actor is capable of. Let’s see in which performances you can see young Russian film actors.

MDT – Theater of Europe: Danila Kozlovsky and Elizabeth Boyarskaya
It is probably difficult in our country to find another young actor so affectionate with directors, critics and viewers as Danila Kozlovsky. At the age of 20, he received his first award from film critics – the White Elephant Award for Best Actor in the film Garpastum. In addition, various awards marked his roles in the films “We are from the Future” and “Duhless”, and for the role of Kharlamov in “Legend No. 17” he was nominated for the Golden Eagle award. I would like to add that Kozlovsky was the first Russian actor to star in an advertisement for Chanel along with Keira Knightley. Continue reading

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Children-Phenomena: Young Talents and Their Ways
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Young actors on the stage
Do you know what day will be celebrated tomorrow? World Theater Day. For more than half a century, it has been celebrated under the motto "Theater as a means of…


Celebrities try new professions
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